Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh My YOGURT!!!!

OK. I confess. I make my own yogurt. I've been doing it for about a month now, but have waited to post my ideas until I feel I have a little expertise to share. It's easy, cheap, healthy, and absolutely delicious. According to WebMD there are multiple reason to eat yogurt from helping your digestive system, boosting your immune system, strengthening your bones, and enjoying the benefits of those B vitamins. I purchased a yogurt maker from Williams Sonoma to simplify things but you can make it without one. The whole idea is to keep the live active culture at 110 degrees for 8-10 hours. My oven doesn't go down that low so the yogurt maker is like a warming plate that keeps the mixture at the right temperature so as not to kill the live active culture found in the yogurt. There are multiple variations of recipes but we found the one we like the best and we're sticking to it.

1 qt. non-fat milk ( you can use any kind of milk )
1/2 cup non-fat powdered milk ( to create a thicker yogurt-and extra calcium, etc.)
1/2 cup raw sugar (you can make it as sweet as you like with whatever sweetener you like-or omit completely)
1/2 cup starter yogurt (must contain live active cultures-any brand. My favorite is plain non-fat Greek yogurt. After your first batch you can use your own yogurt as the starter)
1/2 tsp vanilla

Bring the milk to about 180 degrees which is almost to the boiling point. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Whisk in powdered milk, sugar, starter, and vanilla. Pour into containers and set the timer for 10 hours. Refrigerate. Will keep for 10 days.

1 comment:

Callie said...

OK, so we need to have a choffy/yogurt making party so you can teach me. How much was your yogurt maker again?

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