Friday, January 14, 2011

Egg In a Frame

I was inspired by this picture the other day
to make one of my very favorite breakfast for dinner meals...
Egg in a Frame.

The recipe is easy easy, but sometimes even the easy recipes are forgotten!
Topped with avocado and salt and pepper -
this made for one delicious dinner!

Take a slice of sourdough bread (or whatever you have on hand)
and using a small circular cup, cut out the center as if you were using a cookie cutter.
Butter the front and back of the bread and the bread hole you just removed.
Place on a hot griddle or pan and crack an egg into the center.
Cook for about 2 minutes and then flip.
When the egg yolk is cooked to your liking, remove from the pan
and top with avocado, salt and pepper.


*growing up our favorite part was always the buttered toasted bread hole and i'll have to admit... it's still pretty tasty!


Jaime Wilkins said...

Love them! We called it a bird's nest.

Anonymous said...

I make these all the time, but I've never tried it with avocado! That sounds gooood!

Cindy Brink said...

I'm thinking a cut out heart for valentines day!!

Cat said...

Yummy :) I make little french toast 'pancakes' out of the holes for my two little boys since they don't "do" egg yet. It's a win win dinner for everyone!

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