Friday, May 14, 2010

Cafe Rio Salad - Putting it All Together

To get the total Cafe Rio experience you'll need:

6 large tortillas (the uncooked ones from Costco are best, but any will work)
Shredded Cheese (melt this on the tortillas before piling on your salad)
Cafe Rio Rice (click HERE)
Cafe Rio Black Beans (click HERE)
Cafe Rio Sweet Pork (click HERE)
Lettuce (not iceberg, use leafy green or Romaine)
Diced tomato, onion and cilantro (Pico de gallo)
Sour Cream
Parmesan Cheese (for sprinkling on top)
Cafe Rio Cilantro Ranch (click HERE)
LinkCafe Rio Cilantro lime Vinaigrette (click HERE)
Tortilla Strips (cut corn tortillas into strips, toss in olive oil and salt, and bake at 350 for about 10-20 minutes keeping an eye on them because they'll go from uncooked to burned in minutes)

1 comment:

Lisa and Mark said...

wait a minute! what happened to the beans recipe? when i try to click on it there's no link. :(

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