Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekly Menu

While sticking to a menu may just be wishful thinking... I'd like to think that by writing down a plan for the week, that I'll be more motivated to cook and that the "what should I make for dinner?" question won't be quite a stumbling block as dinner time rolls around.

So in an attempt to plan, organize and shop ahead... here is Weekly Menu #1
(The plan is for mom & I to trade off planning menus for the week, we'll see how it all works out! Also, recipes to come as the week goes on!)

Monday- BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Tuesday- Parmesan Chicken

Wednesday- Penne Rustica

Thursday- Leftovers (gotta have it at least once a week!)

Friday- Homemade Pizza (TBA!)

Saturday- ???

Sunday- BLT Sandwiches


Christy said...

Love it love it love it!! I am always looking for new and delicious recipes. My mouth was watering just looking at these! Thank you! What a great project. Love you guys!

Cunninghams said...

That Brink family is the best, this looks so beautiful!!! May be my replacement for the old cook book and card file.

Cindy and Corey Brink said...

Ruth Anderson is waiting for the penne rustica recipe.....

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